Patient Testimonials

“I did freeze embryos prior to chemo and my insurance didn’t cover anything. We were lucky to get help with the drugs from Fertile Hope but all the other parts we paid for out of pocket and was over $10,000.  I should add we worked with a pro bono attorney to try and get it covered since in NJ there is some sort of law around it but my husband’s company was based out of PA so they denied it. On the flip side when we went to use the embryos, again nothing was covered and there was no help out there at all.  Which I thought was a huge missing piece in the survivorship puzzle.”


PA, Diagnosed at 30

“I was 27 when I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. My medical team immediately suggested I see a fertility specialist. My husband and I were preparing to start a family right before I was diagnosed so the impending implications of chemo on my fertility were the most heart wrenching. After speaking to the fertility specialist we wanted to proceed with the embryo cryopreservation to keep our options open post – chemo in case my fertility was impacted. Sadly, even as a state employee with great insurance none of the fertility preservation appointments or procedures were to be covered. Not only were we faced to make emotional decisions in a few days that couples spend years making but we also had to come up with $5,000 in a week and that was the discounted rate with subsidies from Livestrong’s fertility program. Luckily, we had family to assist with the financial burden but without them we would have been unable to proceed. I am a year and a half out from the end of chemo and we are looking forward to reevaluating our family planning timeline soon. We are so grateful to have our embryos and the possibility of getting pregnant naturally. It’s absolutely devastating to see other women who did not have the opportunities I was afforded due to the financial burden and lack of insurance coverage.”


NC, Diagnosed at 27